Registration & E-services

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to work with us – that’s why we created our Electronic Contracting Network (ECN) to make contract procurement more efficient.

Access the ECN online through our vendor portal.

About the ECN

The ECN is a Web-based system that automates almost all of the business functions and activities having to do with contract procurement.

It allows us to interact with our contractors – and vice versa – quickly and easily over the Web.

If you become a contractor with us, you’ll have your own contractor profile on the ECN that stores your qualifications, contact details and other information. You can update this online anytime, anywhere.

How to register

We review every ECN registration application online. When you apply, you’ll receive an ECN user ID and temporary password. This is sent to your “designated contact,” whoever you have put in place to manage the ECN administration from your end.

This will allow your contact to access ECN, enter information in your contractor profile, and contact us about specific contract procurements.

The Contract Room

The Contract Room is a virtual workplace that acts as the main venue for interaction between our departments and our contractors on a specific project. We think you’ll find the ease and immediacy of this interaction hugely beneficial when going through the procurement process.

Your home page

Your personalized home page gives you quick access to any of your contract rooms, and lets you view pending tasks and other useful links.

Keeping your contractor profile updated

As well as providing you with access to update your own details, your contractor profile is visible to us. So it’s in your best interest to keep it updated and ensure it accurately communicates your capabilities.

All information you provide on the ECN is kept confidential and made available only to those Saudi Aramco organizations that require it. Your financial information is reviewed and retained solely by our Treasurer's Organization.

You will be required to update your information at least once a year, or whenever substantive changes occur.