Registering as a materials supplier

To ensure that your company meets our business practice standards and that we can work together smoothly and productively, we’ve created a set of procedures for materials suppliers.

Registering with us

Potential suppliers and manufacturers must register with our materials supply department to obtain a vendor identification number. There are two processes to register, depending on your location.

Registering as a local supplier/manufacturer

Our Supplier Relations Management Unit (SRMU) acts as the single point of contact for local manufacturers.

First, your manufacturing plant must be fully operational and meet either the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) technical qualifications.

To register a local manufacturing facility:

  1. Request an application form from the SRMU
  2. Fill it out, accurately following the instructions on the form
  3. Sign it, and return it to the SRMU

What happens next

  1. We’ll review your registration form – along with financial statements, your plant’s technical qualification/certifications, and its Quality Management System (QMS) manual – to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  2. We’ll conduct a preliminary screening evaluation with your factory management personnel to ensure their readiness for the inspection.
  3. We’ll schedule an official plant visit and technical survey with the plant management. We will then communicate the findings of the survey, noting any deficiencies requiring corrective action.
  4. If the results of the plant survey are acceptable, we’ll send your management office a letter indicating approval for specific products and providing a unique vendor identification number.

It is important to note that registration as an approved manufacturer with Saudi Aramco is not a guarantee of future business.

Registering as an international manufacturer

International suppliers must first register with one of our international affiliate companies:

  • If you’re based in North or South America, you should register with Aramco Services Company (ASC)
  • If you’re located in any other region outside the Kingdom, please register with Aramco Overseas Company (AOC) B.V.

Choosing your local Saudi affiliate vendor

You must nominate a local Saudi vendor to act as your representative in Saudi Arabia.

Either you or your local vendor can notify our Supplier Relations Management Unit (SRMU) of your affiliation. The SRMU will require details of the products your local vendor offers and the terms of your agency agreement with them.

If there is any change to your exclusive agency agreement with your local vendor (including termination) you must communicate this to us immediately.

Should an agreement change or end, you are still expected to fulfill all existing purchase order obligations with your local vendor.

Registering your local vendor

You or your vendor must:

  1. Request a local vendor registration application form from the SRMU.
  2. Fill it out, accurately following the instructions on the form.
  3. Your vendor must sign it and return it to the SRMU.

Disclosing company information

After registration, you must notify the SMRU if either you (as a local or international supplier) or your local vendor (if applicable) undergoes any changes in company ownership, commercial activities or contact information.

Should the death of a company owner take place, requests for changes in company names and ownership must include a Commercial Registration (CR) cancellation certificate obtained from the Ministry of Commerce. Once this is obtained, registration under a new CR can be processed. We should be informed of the owner’s death within 60 days or you will risk indefinite suspension.

Every supplier (international or local) must disclose to Saudi Aramco any and all ownership or commercial relationships which their company or establishment and its owners and immediate family members have with any Saudi Aramco employee, his/her immediate family members and any business enterprise owned or controlled by any of them.

Such disclosure shall include, but not be limited to, information on ownership stakes and/or positions held by such immediate family members in the supplier’s business and the nature of their employment, if any. Every supplier must immediately disclose to Saudi Aramco any employee end of service case for those who have been granted access to Saudi Aramco’s vendor portal. All changes in this information are to be promptly reported to allow Saudi Aramco to determine if any potential conflicts of interest exist.

Supplier performance

Supply chain management is a key success factor for us as a company, and our Materials Supply division have combined goals to:

  • Improve materials on time deliveries (OTD) so that all suppliers consistently achieve 95% OTD.
  • Reduce overall suppliers’ performance problems and ensure product quality.

To achieve this, we use the Supplier Relations Management System (SRMS) to allow both us and our suppliers to accurately measure performance and assist efforts to eliminate the causes of late material deliveries and overall performance problems.

Our vendor portal

We are progressive in using e-Procurement to conduct transactions and track key procurement information in real time.

Our vendor and supplier portal is the main way we communicate with our suppliers, as it speeds the flow and improves the accuracy of key supply chain information.

All registered suppliers should maintain a high speed Internet connection to facilitate access to the portal, and you must possess the capability to provide and manage Web based catalogs.

For technical questions or to get help accessing the portal, contact:

If anyone previously granted access to the vendor portal should end their service with you, you must notify SRMU.