Four Earn Company Appointments

Saudi Aramco has announced four new appointments. Effective April 28, Mohammed A. Al-Omair was appointed vice president of Refining and NGL Fractionation; Mohammed Y. Al-Qahtani was appointed vice president of Engineering and Development;  Samir A. Al-Tubayyeb was appointed vice president of Employee Relations & Training;  and Nabeel A. Al-Mansour was appointed associate general consul. Read their biographies below.

Mohammed A. Al-Omair

Al-Omair started his 31-year career with the company in 1980 as a co op student and received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1981 from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM).

He began work in 1981 as an engineer in the Local Community Development Department followed by three years as a project engineer in Offshore Projects. He then became an operation foreman for Ju‘aymah Oil Loading Platform and, in 1985, began several supervisory assignments in the Terminal Department until 1988. His assignments covered Maintenance, Engineering and Operations, Maintenance shops, training, and engineering units.

In 1988, he went for an out-of-Kingdom technical developmental assignment with Mobil Oil Co. for one year and returned in 1989 to be part of the first team to work for the then-newly established crude Oil Sales Department.

From 1990 to 1993, he became operation superintendent of Refined Product and Ju‘aymah Operation divisions of the Terminal Department. In 1994, he was assigned as maintenance superintendent of Shedgum Gas Plant and Natural Gas Liquidation Operations Division in Abqaiq Plant Department.

He took on several acting managerial positions and became manager of Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling (OSPAS) in 1995, manager of Product Sales and Marketing in 1997 and managing director of International Joint Venture Holding of Motor Oil (Hellas) co. in 1998. He joined the Domestic Joint Venture Holding in 2001.
That year, he was appointed president and managing director of the Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co. He became general manager of Ras Tanura Refinery in 2008 and was appointed executive director of Refining and NGL Fractionation Admin Area in 2009 before his current appointment as vice president of Refining and NGL Fractionation.

Al-Omair has taken part in several leadership training programs, including the Economics of Oil Program in 2005.

Mohammed Y. Al-Qahtani

Al-Qahtani, a 28-year veteran of the company, started his career in 1983 on the Fast Track Program for college education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from KFUPM in 1988. He then began work as a petroleum engineer in Reservoir Engineering and earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in petroleum engineering from the University of Southern California in 1992 and 1996, respectively.

In 1996, Al-Qahtani returned to work as a petroleum engineer in Reservoir Management for several oil and gas fields and became supervisor of Gas Reservoir Management in 2001 and general supervisor of Gas Production Engineering in 2004.

He then took several acting manager positions, starting with the Seawater Injection Department in 2004 and Production and Facilities Department, where he became manager in 2005. In 2006, Al-Qahtani became manager of the Reservoir Description and Simulation Department, and acted as manager of the Reservoir Management Department.

He served as acting chief petroleum engineer in 2007 and then as president and CEO of Aramco Services Co. in Houston before returning to Petroleum Engineering to resume the position of chief petroleum engineer in 2008.

In 2009, he was made executive director of Petroleum Engineering & Development before his current appointment as vice president.

Al-Qahtani has taken part in several leadership training activities throughout his career, including the Program for Executive Development at International Institute of Management Development.

He serves on the Saudi Council of Engineers Board of Directors, the Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Company Ltd. (ARGAS) Board of Directors, and as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Saudi Arabian Section.

He was recently elected as a board member to the Board of Directors for the Society of Petroleum Engineers International, Dallas, Texas.

Samir A. Al-Tubayyeb

Samir A. Al-Tubayyeb, a 30-year employee of Saudi Aramco, began his career on July 1, 1981, and advanced through various assignments in the fields of Engineering, Project Management, Joint Ventures and Corporate Planning.

Al-Tubayyeb graduated from the University of Petroleum and Minerals in civil engineering, and holds a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and an executive MBA from Harvard Business School. During his assignment in Corporate Planning, he was responsible for performing highly specialized functions involving the development of business strategies.

He is an expert in the oil business in general and economics evaluation studies.

Al-Tubayyeb’s other experience includes engineering and the design and construction of various hydrocarbon facilities, including refineries, gas/oil separation plants and gas plants.

He also has led international joint venture studies in India and spent three years as the general manager of Motor Oil (Hellas) co. in Athens, and was the resident board member representing Saudi Aramco’s share in that joint venture.

On October 1, 2005, he was appointed vice chairman and CEO of S-Oil, Saudi Aramco’s joint venture in Seoul, Korea, where he successfully led the transformation of the publicly held company with improved work processes, including restructuring human resource systems. 

Currently, Al-Tubayyeb is the chairman of the Board of Directors for Saudi Aramco Total Refining Petrochemical Co. (SATORP).

He also is a board member of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).

Nabeel A. Al-Mansour

Nabeel A. Al-Mansour, a 22-year veteran of Saudi Aramco, joined the company’s CDPNE program in November 1988 and began his career in the Computer Applications Department after completing his bachelor degree in systems engineering with honors at KFUPM in 1990.

Al-Mansour moved to Engineering Services in 1992 and completed various engineering assignments at the Inspection Department.

He was then nominated to join the company’s Law Studies Program and went to Oklahoma City University in the United States in 1996 to pursue a Juris Doctor in Law. He completed his doctorate degree with honors and joined the Law Department in 1999 as counsel.

In 2001, Al-Mansour participated, as legal adviser, in the Kingdom’s Natural Gas Investment Initiative and, in 2003, in the Kingdom’s competitive offering of gas exploration projects to international oil companies (IOCs), which led to the creation of three joint ventures between Saudi Aramco and four IOCs. 

In 2007, after becoming senior counsel, Al-Mansour led the company’s legal team in negotiating the renewal of the oil concession agreement between the Saudi government and Chevron in the Saudi-Kuwaiti Neutral Zone. 

He currently leads the company’s legal team in the ongoing development of the potential petrochemicals joint venture between Saudi Aramco and the Dow Chemical Company in Jubail.

Al-Mansour completed several leadership and development programs, including the President’s Leadership Challenge in 2005, the Economics of Oil Program in 2008 and the Harvard General Management Program in 2008.