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A career in Drilling is both challenging and full of opportunity.

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The Arabian Sun

Saudi Aramco's weekly company publication April 15, 2015
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Our planet is rich with incredible resources, and petroleum is among the most vital of all. The guardians of this great gift have a great responsibility; at Saudi Aramco it defines who we are and the way that we work.

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Top innovations notch company’s honors

DHAHRAN, April 08, 2015

Ten best innovations selected with potential to facilitate future operations, ranging from aerial detection of oil spills to amendments to radios, desktops, security gates, and drilling rigs.

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Scientific breakthrough will help preserve Kingdom’s groundwater

DHAHRAN, April 15, 2015

A breakthrough study by some Saudi Aramco scientists, engineers and environmentalists, supported by the company’s regulations.

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A Solar Solution: Powering the Star Building through the sun

Our first solar rooftop installation is a successful model of energy efficient buildings.
DHAHRAN, March 19, 2015
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Harnessing the power of solar

Saudi Aramco’s work is not just about our stewardship of the Kingdom’s abundant oil and gas reserves, but the quest to find cleaner energy solutions to power the domestic market and for export.

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Connecting to the world: Websites launched

BEIJING, China, April 05, 2015

New sites will increase corporate brand awareness and support business growth in the Far East market.

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