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Where energy is opportunity

We harness energy, to enable people to realize their potential, to prosper and to thrive.

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Green matters : Conserving water a team effort

DHAHRAN, August 20, 2015

At Saudi Aramco, we are committed to minimizing pressure on nonrenewable groundwater and maximizing its future availability.

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The Arabian Sun

Saudi Aramco's weekly company publication September 02, 2015
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Our planet is rich with incredible resources, and petroleum is among the most vital of all. The guardians of this great gift have a great responsibility; at Saudi Aramco it defines who we are and the way that we work.

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Coming together for combustion

Riyadh , August 12, 2015

The Saudi Aramco Research & Development Center (R&DC) recently organized the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Saudi Arabian Section of the Combustion Institute

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Drilling champions

A career in Drilling is both challenging and full of opportunity.

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Citizenship Report 2014

Health, safety, educational opportunities, economic viability and sustainability: Read about all the initiatives in our latest Citizenship Report.
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Aramco Entrepreneurship Center

An incubator to ignite entrepreneurship and help develop local enterprises in the Kingdom.

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Most advanced reservoir modeling technology

A game-changing technology to predict how a reservoir will behave during future production.

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Building a culture of safety

Extending our core value and experience to the wider community through safety outreach programs and campaigns.

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