The story of Saudi Aramco tells of the discovery and development of the greatest energy reserves the world has ever known and the rapid transformation of Saudi Arabia from desert kingdom to modern nation-state. From our beginnings, we have grown from an oil-producing company to a fully integrated, global energy enterprise with partnerships in North America, Europe and Asia.

Over the course of our history, we have built an unmatched record of reliability, and we remain committed to providing energy to the world and to maximizing the value of the country's petroleum reserves for the benefit of the Kingdom's citizens.

And from the very start, we have been involved in developing the nation in the broadest sense. During the early years of our history, which were also the early years of the young country of Saudi Arabia, our economic and social service programs became woven into the fabric of the country.

As time passed, we began supporting or complementing services increasingly led by the government. Once the company became fully Saudi owned, our social responsibility strategy has become focused on increasing the Kingdom's revenues from its petroleum reserves and on being a catalyst, a role model and a supporter of growth and development in all aspects of society in general, and in the economic sector in particular.

Nurse trainees study anatomy in Dhahran (1952)