We’ve always worked successfully with local and international businesses – from contractors providing us with a service, to suppliers offering their materials. We understand the significance of the relationships we develop with our suppliers/contractors. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will allow us and our suppliers/contractors to attain the highest level of excellence.

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Saudi Aramco needs suppliers/contractors with high quality standards, innovative products and services, competitive prices, and on-time delivery Saudi Aramco searches for suppliers/contractors that add value to the supply chain and have the ability to scale to meet growth changes within the business. To learn more, download a copy of Doing Business with Saudi Aramco.

Whether your firm is large, medium, or small; whether your relationship with Saudi Aramco is new or long-standing, we want to share business success with you in the future.

International investors are not required to have a local representative to do business in Saudi Arabia. They can obtain an Investment License from Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) http://www.sagia.gov.sa/ and conduct business in Saudi Arabia.

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Code of conduct

As the world’s largest supplier of petroleum products, with operations that span the entire energy industry and the globe, it is essential that we conduct our business in a responsible manner.

We require our suppliers and contractors to share these values and adhere to our code of conduct at all times. In doing so, our businesses can make a valuable contribution to the Kingdom and the world.

We are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner, and have established the Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure our suppliers and contractors share these commitments.

In order to do business with Saudi Aramco, all registered and new vendors, manufacturers, contractors, and sub-contractors are required to acknowledge, and agree to abide by, the Code’s policies and principles.

We expect you to share the Code of Conduct with everyone in your organization who is involved in conducting business with us. At Saudi Aramco, we “walk the talk” on ethics, through intensive internal programs designed to increase ethical awareness and integrity among our personnel, while ensuring effective auditing and enforcement capabilities are in place to prevent fraud and abuse.

Download a copy of the Saudi Aramco's Supplier Code of Conduct (English/Arabic).

To acknowledge the Saudi Aramco Code of Conduct, download the E-Forms below, type and print either the English or Arabic

Our safety culture

We have a long and proud heritage of promoting safety as a value and way of life.

We encourage our suppliers, contractors and manufacturers to join in embracing our conviction that “all incidents are preventable,” and encourage all supplier and contractor employees to establish safety as a personal priority at work, on the highway or at home.

We all must work together to create and maintain a safety-oriented culture with zero tolerance for unsafe actions or behaviors.

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Saudi Aramco encourages employment of Saudi nationals in the private sector. Companies having local facilities and creating job opportunities for Saudi nationals will enjoy numerous incentives and benefits including a 10% premium. In addition, job localization will ensure locals learn new skills and promote a stronger economy.

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