Saudi Aramco is pleased to offer opportunities to all businesses and welcomes your interest in becoming one of our suppliers.

All companies supplying goods for Saudi Aramco are required to be registered.  There are different registration procedures depending upon your company’s location.

Note: Application for, or acceptance of supplier registration does not guarantee any business with Saudi Aramco.

Manufacturers and vendors in Saudi Arabia and surrounding area*

(*All countries on the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.)

Step 1: Online Registration Application:

All applicants shall access the online registration system and provide the information required in the following online screens:

  • Company General Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Authorized Signatories

Step 2: Submission of Required Documentation:

After initial review of your online application, to ensure validity and completeness, applicants shall be requested to submit hard copies of additional documentation, for further review and to support their application, by courier to:

Saudi Arabian Oil Company
Purchasing Department
Supplier Registration Unit, Room A-119
North Park 1 (Building 3300)
Dhahran 31311
Saudi Arabia 

The Supplier Registration Unit (SRU) is the single point of contact for managing Saudi Aramco’s relationships with material suppliers and manufacturers in the Middle East region.


  • Do not send any documents until requested to do so.
  • All documents shall be marked with your Application Reference Key – given during online application.
  • Company letter head paper shall match the official name on the commercial registration.
  • Notify the Supplier Registration Unit immediately by email of any changes in the information submitted.


Should you need to follow-up your application or have any questions please email the appropriate unit:

Vendor Registration

Manufacturer Registration

Website Technical Issues

This procedure relates to companies from the Middle East region applying for registration.  Companies from outside this region will be automatically directed to alternative sites to register with our overseas offices.

What happens next?

SRU shall review your registration request – along with financial statements, your plant’s technical qualification/certifications, and Quality Management System (QMS) manual – to ensure completeness and accuracy.

SRU shall conduct a preliminary screening evaluation with your factory management personnel to ensure their readiness for the inspection.

SRU shall schedule an official plant visit and technical survey with the plant management.  We shall then communicate the findings of the survey, noting any deficiencies requiring corrective action. SRU in coordination with Saudi Aramco Technical and Quality entities might choose to conduct screening meeting in Saudi Aramco/ Dhahran prior to conducting the plant survey to ensure manufacturer readiness for plant survey.

If the results of the plant survey are acceptable, SRU shall send your management office a letter indicating approval for specific products and providing a unique vendor identification number.

Registering as an international manufacturer

Prior to doing business with Saudi Aramco, international manufacturers shall first register with Saudi Aramco’s overseas affiliate offices closest to them. 

See Saudi Aramco Offices Contact Information.

When an international manufacturer appoints a Saudi Arabian vendor as its representative in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian vendor shall obtain appointment letter from the International manufacturer addressed to SRU and an agency certificate from Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI).

If an international manufacturer’s appointed Saudi Arabian vendor is not registered with Saudi Aramco they should follow the procedure outlined above in section: Manufacturers and vendors in Saudi Arabia and surrounding area.  Any changes to these arrangements, including termination, shall be immediately communicated to SRU. 

International manufacturers shall be expected to fulfill all existing purchase order obligations with their former Saudi vendors regardless of changes in agency agreements and associations.

Business ethics

Saudi Aramco’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Saudi Aramco is committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in the conduct of its business.  All vendors, manufacturers, contractors and sub-contractors with which Saudi Aramco conducts business shall acknowledge and agree to abide by the policies and principles set forth in the Saudi Aramco Supplier Code of Conduct.

This covers:

  • Compliance with laws, codes and regulations
  • Environmental, health and safety practices
  • Ethical business practices, including
    • Fair trade practice
    • Ethical sourcing
    • Relationships and communications
  • Bribery, kickbacks and fraud
  • Gifts, gratuities and hospitality

Saudi Aramco shall conduct periodic reviews and inspections to ensure compliance with this code of conduct.

Disclosing company information

During registration application and at any time after acceptance all applicants shall promptly notify SRU of any changes in company ownership, commercial activities or contact information for you (as a local or international supplier) or your local vendor (if applicable).

Every supplier (international or local) shall disclose to Saudi Aramco any ownership or commercial relationships which their company or establishment and its owners and immediate family members have with any Saudi Aramco employee, his/her immediate family members and any business enterprise owned or controlled by any of them.

Such disclosure shall include, but not be limited to, information on ownership stakes and/or positions held by such immediate family members in the supplier’s business and the nature of their employment, if any.  

Every supplier shall immediately disclose to Saudi Aramco, SRU any terminated or departing employee who had been granted access to Saudi Aramco’s vendor portal.  


Saudi Aramco Vendor Portal

Saudi Aramco is progressive in using the internet to conduct supply chain transactions and track key procurement information in real time.

The Saudi Aramco Vendor Portal is the preferred medium used to communicate Requests for Quotation (RFQ)s and collaborate with our suppliers on Purchase Orders (PO)s, as it is interactive, speeds the flow and improves accuracy of key supply chain information.

All suppliers registered with Saudi Aramco should maintain a high speed Internet connection to facilitate access to the Saudi Aramco vendor portal.

To apply for access to the Saudi Aramco Vendor Portal contact

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