Our Advanced Research Center in the Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Center (EXPEC ARC) leads research into subsurface upstream activities. The center’s role is to create innovative, high-impact solutions and tools that anticipate future needs.

Strategic objectives and focus

Our EXPEC ARC research teams test new ideas in some of the most productive oil and gas fields in the world, with the goal of meeting energy demand by improving:

  • Discovery of oil resources
  • Recovery in the major producing reservoirs

To make this happen, EXPEC ARC’s six technology teams develop upstream R&D focusing on four strategic areas:

  1. Improving insight into regional distribution of oil and gas reservoirs and fields
  2. Understanding subsurface rock and fluid systems’ spatial distribution, size and quantities
  3. Learning more about subsurface flow mechanisms and process
  4. Developing and applying technologies that stimulate reservoirs to release the most economic quantities of oil and gas

Developing technologies

Numerous groundbreaking services and products have been developed at EXPEC ARC, especially in the areas of land seismic, simulation and visualization.

Industry leading breakthrough products developed entirely in-house by EXPEC ARC scientists include:

GigaPOWERS™: innovative reservoir simulation technology that enables engineers to improve hydrocarbon recovery so we can meet our supply targets.

Resbots™: award-winning nano-agents 1/1000th the size of a human hair, these are designed to measure properties like reservoir pressure, temperature and fluid type as well as affect reservoir conditions.

Achievements & awards

Such examples of breakthrough research, in addition to numerous others, have earned EXPEC ARC increasing international recognition — both for its leading research and technologies as well as for the diversified accomplishments and achievement of its dynamic researchers.

GigaPOWERS™ won “Best Technology of the Year” at the 2010 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), and Resbots won “New Horizons Idea Award” at the 2008 World Oil Awards.

EXPEC ARC experts have been widely recognized by the industry with awards including the EAGE Nigel Anstey Award, SPE Reservoir Description and Dynamics Award (twice), World Oil Innovative Thinker Award, and more.

In the spirit of partnership & collaboration

Much of our research happens in partnership with premier universities and technology providers, as well as independent researchers and developers around the world.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate on new technologies with new partners.

To learn more about us, download our brochure.

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