We help our Saudi employees develop professionally through a variety of programs.



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These programs include:

  • Support for college degrees 
  • Advanced degree assignments
  • Advanced medical and dental training programs
  • Medical PDP program
  • Specialty dental training
  • Specialist development
  • Management, professional and technical training
  • International company assignments

Programs and forums are also offered to middle management and senior professionals. We also conduct various management and executive development programs.

Advanced degree assignments

We sponsor qualified Saudi employees to pursue advanced degrees at leading international institutions in technical specialties required by the company.

Advanced Dental Training Program

We hire and sponsor qualified Saudi graduates of dental schools for advanced out-of-Kingdom training in general dentistry.

Advanced Medical Training Program

Saudi physicians in the Medical Services Organization are sponsored for full residency programs in their specialties at company approved U.S. and Canadian hospitals.

Medical PDP Program

Newly graduated Saudi physicians are hired (after completion of their internship), targeted for a certain specialty. During their two-year (or less) period in SAMSO, the PDPs perform developmental rotations through Clinical Services, which will include inpatient and outpatient settings, under supervision.  They will receive constant evaluation and feedback from various preceptors, and will have mid- and end-point evaluations in each rotation.

College Degree Program for Employees

Each year, we sponsor selected employees to study for their 4-year bachelor's degrees in technical fields that directly support our core business.

International company assignments

The goal of this program is to provide Saudi employees with professional experience under different administrative and work conditions with leading international companies.

Candidates are typically professional engineers or employees with at least 3 years of experience, who are targeted for supervisory or managerial positions.

Management and executive development

We offer leadership and competency development programs for employees at management level. These offerings, in conjunction with those of the Career Development Department, provide a coordinated development sequence for employees from the supervisory level to upper management.

These programs are organized into four main series:

  1. The Executive Leadership Development Process.
  2. The University Executive Program.
  3. The Challenge Series, which is made up of two action-learning programs, including The President's Leadership Challenge. This premier program gives participants a chance to apply innovative concepts, such as systems thinking, organizational learning and vision building to real world problems.
  4. The Global Series is designed to create an understanding of the global business environment. The top-tier program in this series, The Saudi Aramco Management Development Seminar, is held annually in Washington, D.C., under the direction of the Center for Global Business Studies.

Management, professional and technical training

Intensive management and supervisory courses form the core of this program to provide employees with the latest management techniques.

Professional and technical courses keep employees up-to-date with the latest developments in oil and gas production technology.

Professional Development Program

New college graduates who’ve been sponsored by us, or are hired directly from college, participate in a 3-year Professional Development Program (PDP).

Throughout the PDP program, participants work with experienced employees to accelerate their development into fully qualified professionals. Participants requiring further training in English are enrolled in the Professional English Language Program (PELP), extending their stay in the program by up to 1 year.

This helps identify those employees with the most potential for advancement to management positions. We then develop further training plans for outstanding candidates.

Saudi Aramco Leadership Forum (SALF)

The Saudi Aramco Leadership Forum (SALF) is a five-and-a-half day program of structured, guided discussions for members of middle management and senior professionals. Forum participants come from a broad range of administrative areas and include key members of Saudi Aramco's senior management.

On each day of the forum, 16 participants address a topic of importance to Saudi Aramco, such as Thinking Strategically, Managing Innovation, Ethics and Leadership.

Both participants and guest discussion leaders from senior management have the opportunity to identify, question and examine the business challenges that face Saudi Aramco.

Special Development Program

This program was established to prepare engineering and computer professionals to forge a career as a technical specialist. The program offers concentrated, hands-on field experience through company assignments. It also has an advanced feature to enhance technical proficiency with international and vendor companies.

The participant is paired with a mentor, who is a recognized, accredited specialist whose background will provide the technical support for the candidate. The specialist will guide the development of the candidate through an individually tailored program designed to improve his technical abilities.

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