Read inspirational messages from former program participants and learn the secrets of their success.

“Pledge allegiance to yourself. Believe in miracles. Leap before you look. Listen to your own wise and knowing voice. Demand nothing less than everything. Life has big plans for you! So always follow your dreams and believe in yourself -- for someone as special and gifted as you has the ability to create a world of beautiful tomorrows.”

Abdulrahman Matsah

“Throughout our intensive program for college success, I learned to be persistent in my quest for knowledge; to never give up on challenges; to master and conquer my difficulties; and to seize each and every opportunity for they might never come again. I learned to be determined and demand nothing but the best. I learned to optimize -- not to compromise. I have also become more mature and in some small ways wiser, too. The repeated and constant pressure placed on us made me become much more resolute in my studies. The underlying rivalry and competition inspired creativity. I have been taught to view ideas from other perspectives and angles, and to think outside the box.”

Hamzah Hezam

“The greatest gift of all is a passion for reading. Reading is inexpensive -- it consoles, it distracts, it excites -- and it gives you knowledge and experience of the world. A country with no readers is a country with no future. In order for our generation to make a significant impression on the world, we must read and expand our views. With no reading, there is no future. But if we read, the future is ours.”

Ahmad Al Majid

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