Fueling the Kingdom’s growth

Showcasing uses of Saudi Aramco refined products which are distributed across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Saudi Aramco's Domestic Fuels Department

Refining and Chemicals

Who we are

We are a fully integrated, global petroleum and chemicals enterprise, and the world’s most reliable supplier of energy.

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Community outreach programs

Saudi Aramco's citizenship programs help move people to create vibrant societies committed to making the world a better place.

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Human Resources

CDPNE Eligibility Criteria

This video outlines the eligibility criteria for applicants who have graduated from an international high school and are interested in applying for Saudi Aramco’s College Preparatory Program.

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Meet our people: Humair Shaikh

Humair Shaikh is a procurement strategist working with Unconventional Resources at Saudi Aramco.

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Meet our people: Glenn Makechnie

Glen Makechnie is a Geologist working in Unconventional Resources at Saudi Aramco.

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History timeline 1933-2012

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Saudi Aramco, GE, and TATA

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A world in motion

Moving everything needed to run the world's largest oil company is no easy feat. 'A World in Motion' examines how it's achieved by land, sea and air.

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Saving energy

When you spend every hour of everyday extracting the most value possible from your country’s hydrocarbon reserves, you understand just how precious energy is.

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