Saudi Aramco is once again set to showcase its commitment to environmental protection by constructing the Kingdom’s, and the region’s, first mangrove Eco-Park in Ras Tanura.

The proposed Eco-Park is set to breathe fresh life into an essential component of the Kingdom’s ecosystem.

"The Eco-Park is set to become an environmental landmark in Kingdom. There’s nothing like it in the entire region."

Dr. Khaled Al-Abdulkader

Environmental Protection Dept., Saudi Aramco

Mangroves are a natural habitat for marine organisms and serve as a breeding ground for shrimp, crab and fish species — the life blood of the Kingdom’s fishing industry. Mangroves also absorb air pollutants and purify water by absorbing impurities and heavy metals.

They are irreplaceable in maintaining the balance of Saudi Arabia’s marine environment.

The Eco-Park is part of the company’s effort to plant 1.5 million mangroves over the next five years – an unprecedented number in the Kingdom’s history.

The project is spearheaded by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), with the park scheduled to open in 2014.

“The Eco-Park will have a huge impact on environmental conservation,” noted Dr. Khaled Al-Abdulkader of EPD. “Because it will be open to visitors and will incorporate a boardwalk between mangrove trees — it means everyone can live the experience firsthand — educating the public is also a major driver for this project.”

The Eco-Park will cover an area of 62 square kilometers and be partially fenced and protected. Visitors will explore mangrove vegetation by strolling on a 1.5 km elevated boardwalk that takes them through the heart of the park.

By incorporating a mangrove nursery, the Eco-Park is set to serve as a practical example of how mangroves serve the Kingdom’s ecosystem.

“It will be an enlightening experience for visitors; they will learn about nature and the environment. We are sure that after visiting the park they will leave with an understanding that they must play their part preserving the environment.”

Nature lovers will be impressed by the Eco-Park’s proposed design and location close to Tarut Bay.

“The heritage of the local area will be reflected in the park – our goal is to make the park a natural addition to the local environment,” he said.

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