We are a fully integrated global petroleum enterprise with operations across the globe.

Continually evolving

From our founding in 1933 until the late 1980s, we focused on crude oil exploration and production. Since then we’ve undergone a transformation which continues to this day.

We’ve formed international joint and equity refining and petrochemicals ventures at home and abroad, created, through our subsidiary, Vela International Marine Limited, one of the world’s largest fleet of supertankers, conceived and executed some of the industry’s largest mega-projects and applied or invented some of its most important, groundbreaking subsurface technology. And we continue to look for opportunities to do even more.

What we do

Our operations include:

  • Exploration
  • Production of oil and gas
  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • International shipping
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

We’re also the only energy company that serves the three major world markets – Asia, North America and Europe.

Bringing energy to the world

We currently provide roughly one in every eight barrels of crude oil the world consumes on any given day.

Since 1998 we have added more than 3.8 million barrels per day (bpd) to worldwide crude oil production capacity to help ensure we remain the world's most reliable supplier of petroleum energy.

Aiming Higher

Aiming higher and reaching further, Saudi Aramco is powering possibilities across the world.


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