Saudi Aramco’s work is not just about our stewardship of the Kingdom’s abundant oil and gas reserves, but the quest to find cleaner energy solutions to power the domestic market and for export.

We are committed to finding new and cleaner energy technologies and harnessing one of the Kingdom’s most obvious resources — sunlight.

Putting the power of the sun to work

With over 250 hours of sunshine each month, it makes sense to make the most of solar power and our empty stretches of desert can host large solar structures and its vast deposits of clear sand can be used to manufacture silicon photovoltaic cells.

We are piloting a number of exciting solar power projects. In collaboration with the Saudi Electricity Company and Solar Frontier, our equity partner with Showa Shell of Japan, a 500-kilowatt solar farm was installed on Farasan Island in the Red Sea.

This is part of our efforts to meet the Kingdom’s ever-increasing demand for electricity through clean energy solutions.

We are also incorporating our commitment to cleaner energy onto our own building designs and construction. Our recently completed Al-Midra Complex in Dhahran uses solar panels that double as sunshades over its 4,500 parking spaces. Covering an area of 198,350 square meters and using over 126,000 solar panels, it stands as the world’s biggest car-park shade and generates 10 megawatts of energy for the Al-Midra Complex.

Generating cleaner energy

The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, built by Saudi Aramco, will include solar panels that will generate 3.5 megawatts of energy.

A new Saudi Aramco-built solar facility at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology will generate two megawatts of energy.

In order to stay at the forefront of solar energy developments, we have set up a solar technology park in Dhahran which hosts more than 30 different technology vendors. The objective of the solar park is to monitor and assess the development of emerging technologies and their application in the Kingdom.

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