We at Saudi Aramco have an important role to play in shaping tomorrow for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are constantly seeking to enhance our positive impacts on the Kingdom’s economy, its communities and young people, and its natural environment.

While supplying energy to the world is our core purpose, our sense of civic duty and mission extend far beyond running a successful business.

Since its inception, Saudi Aramco has strived to operate with strong and consistent principles: treating employees and local communities with respect, carefully managing environmental impacts, and sharing the benefits of success — all with the intention of contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future for the Kingdom and for the world at large.

These tenets represent our approach to our corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility, which have been a core aspect of our management culture through the years.

With this vision in mind, we try to play an important leadership role in each of the four pillars of our society:


Saudi Aramco is leveraging its core strengths and global leadership position to drive sustainable growth of the economy. Our comprehensive approach starts with our long-term mindset, which allows us to leverage our core business, develop local content, enable entrepreneurship, and build a competitive workforce in the Kingdom.

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Saudi Aramco is committed to playing a central role in strengthening the communities where we do business. Our approach to helping communities thrive focuses on building a culture of safety, promoting community health and well-being, and targeting our charitable giving.

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Saudi Aramco is committed to raising educational standards and developing a knowledge base for the Kingdom’s future. We dedicate significant resources and project management capacity toward supporting the government in developing an array of programs and institutions aimed at advancing national educational ambitions.

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Saudi Aramco’s goal is to supply the market with oil and hydrocarbon products to enable economic growth and prosperity while improving petroleum’s environmental performance. We carefully manage our operations in a sustainable manner by reducing our environmental impacts, efficiently meeting energy demands, and protecting biodiversity.

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Shaping Tomorrow

Across the world, our new technology centers are sharing knowledge and breaking new ground. So while others look at us and see barrels and platforms, we see a company that is transforming itself. Our world is changing, and with it comes opportunity as never before. We don't have all the answers, but together, we're working on it. Innovating today, and shaping tomorrow.


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