Drilling and Workover

Contracting Opportunities

Saudi Aramco’s Drilling & Workover Department’s mission is to safely drill and workover high quality, cost effective oil and gas wells in a timely manner to meet corporate objectives.

The Drilling & Workover Department requires a wide range of services to support its mission. Scroll down to read more about the many opportunities for contractors to support our Drilling & Workover Department.

To apply for prequalification for these opportunities, click herePlease note that registration or prequalification with Saudi Aramco is not a guarantee of future work.

1. Automated Drilling Systems

Provide, install and commission Automated Drilling Systems (ADS) on onshore and offshore rigs, including providing training to rig crews as well as maintenance services.

2. Barge Services

Barge services including derrick barges, jack up barges, crane barges, and accommodation barges

3. Catering And Housekeeping Services

Provide all labor, material and equipment to provide catering and housekeeping services

4. Cement, Barite and Bentonite Hauling Services

Provide, operate, and maintain a base fleet of tractors and pneumatic tankers to haul bulk material (Bentonite, Barite, Drilling Mud, and Drilling Cement) from suppliers to designated storage points. Provide these hauling services around the clock (24/7), including fleet maintenance support facilities and mobile fleet support.

5. Cementing Services

Cementing services to support and protect well casings and help achieve zonal isolation. Including: Primary Cementing, Remedial Cementing, Other Cementing (Plug Abandonment).

6. Coil-Tubing Services

Provide a complete Coiled Tubing Drilling (CTD) Equipment Package, Personnel, Support Services, and Transportation to conduct the safe intervention of Oil and Gas wells for the purpose of sidetrack drilling horizontal Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) wells under-balanced.

7. Commodity Burner Services

Provision of burner services equipment and personnel including: burners with water protection shield and ignition system capable of burning up to 12,000 barrels of crude oil per day without land or water pollution, burner booms with manifold and ignition system, diesel driven from 350 to 750CFM compressor, air driven transfer pump, and other required equipment

8. Commodity, Completion and Expandable Services

Provide labor tools and materials to perform Slickline Services, Commodity services, Expandable Products Services, Completion Services and Gate Valve Drilling Services

9. Completion and Related Services

Provide all required labor, supervision, tools and equipment for automated measurement and control systems that optimize reservoir economics, including:
• Installation and Commissioning of Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS)
• Installations and Commissioning of Smart Well Completion (SWC) Systems

10. Coring Services

Conventional coring, advanced coring, wireline coring, core processing and data acquisition such as gamma ray logging, core photography, porosity measurements, and structural analysis for the purposes of formation evaluation.

11. Cutting Reinjection and Skip and Ship Services

Cutting Reinjection Services (CRI) include provision of materials, equipment and labor to slurrify drill cuttings and reinject into a Cutting Reinjection Well. This service includes primary transportation of cuttings from shakers to slurification unit, secondary transportation package, cutting slurification including QA/QC process to monitor slurry properties, primary cuttings/slurry holding tank package, high pressure injection pump package, electric generator package, and pipework package.
Skip and Skip Services (S&S) includes all materials, equipment and labor to transport and dump drill cuttings at designated Saudi Aramco sites. Service includes primary cuttings transfer from shakers to the skip filling station, transportation and dumping of cuttings at dumpsite, and cleaning and return of all skips.

12. Deep Gas UBD/CTD Package

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Services to reduce potential formation damage including Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)/Coil Tubing Drilling (CTD) services using a variety of techniques such as: Dry Air/ dusting, Mist, Foam, Stable foam, Airlift, and Aerated Mud.

13. Drill Pipes Protectors

Provide supervision, experienced and qualified personnel, materials, tools, equipment and transportation to perform the required services to reduce the drilling torque, casing wear, drag and buckling during drilling and workover work. Provide the required sizes and quantities of Western Well Tools (WWT) Non Rotating Protectors (NRP) equipment and field service technicians.

14. Directional/Gyro Surveying Services

Precision survey services for well bore targeting and reservoir delineation

15. Drill-Stem Test Services

Provision of Drill Stem Testing (DST) services and tools for isolating and testing the pressure, permeability and productive capacity of a geological formation during the drilling of wells

16. Expandable Sand Screen Services

Provide sand control services to provide borehole stabilization and reduce screen erosion, allowing inflow control and selective treatment of the reservoir. Improve inflow areas, prevent proppant flow back in frac & packs, and provide remedial repair of failed screens, gravel packs, and perforations.

17. Environmental Assessment/Monitoring

Provide supervision, experienced and qualified personnel, materials, test tools, equipment, and transportation to performs Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reporting and monitoring during and after drilling, including establishment of baseline marine conditions prior to drilling in shallow or deep water.

18. Fabrication and Welding Services

Welding and fabrication services certified to AWS-D11/6GR standards. Rig modifications and upgrades, custom-made mud tanks, fabrication of cargo boxes with valid certification, fabrication of inspected and load tested completion baskets and trash boxes

19. Fuel & Water Hauling Services

Provide all supervision, labor and equipment for transportation of fuel and water for drilling operations

20. Fracturing Stimulation Services

Hydraulic fracturing services to stimulate reservoir production

21. H2S Gas Detection Equipment

Provide all labor, tools, and materials to install, calibrate, maintain, and/or repair H2S and Gas Detection Safety Equipment, including periodic onsite inspection and testing of the equipment as required per OEM. Provide qualified onsite H2S training and certification to Saudi Aramco and/or CONTRACTOR personnel as requested, and continuous, around the clock H2S safety representation for Saudi Aramco Operations.

22. Liner Hanger Services

Provide all required labor materials and tools for running and setting liner hanger systems in all well types.

23. Machine Shop Services

Fabrication, machining, welding and renovation of rotary substitutes and drill collars. Reconditioning of drilling equipment. Shop welding and cutting, metallization, machining, fabrication, wellhead repairs/refurbishment and other miscellaneous work/services.

24. Measure While Drilling (MWD) Services

Provide services, tools and technology to acquire formation evaluation and drilling optimization data during drilling operations to guide well placement and provide data for survey management and development planning, for example positive mud pulse telemetry, electromagnetic, and gyro MWD technology to transmit all drilling-related measurements to surface in real time.

25. Mud Engineering Support Services

Provide drilling fluid systems engineering (mud engineering), including related technical services such as: testing, evaluation, recommendation, and treatment of drilling fluids prior to and during drilling operations

26. Mud Hauling Services

Provide transportation of drilling fluids / mud for drilling operations

27. Mud Logging Services

Provide mud logging services including observation and microscopic examination of drill cuttings (formation rock chips), evaluation of gas hydrocarbon and its constituents, basic chemical and mechanical parameters of drilling fluid or drilling mud (such as chlorides and temperature), as well as compiling other information about the drilling parameters.

28. Offshore Rigs – Oil/Gas/Workover

Drill by the rotary method offshore exploratory wells in search of oil or gas and/or drill and complete development wells at offshore locations designated by Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and drill, core, test, complete, workover, abandon and perform any and all other operations in accordance with Saudi Aramco’s Well Program.

29. Onshore Rigs – Oil/Gas/Workover

Drill by the rotary method onshore exploratory wells in search of oil or gas and/or drill and complete development wells at onshore locations designated by Saudi Aramco in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and drill, core, test, complete, workover, abandon and perform any and all other operations in accordance with Saudi Aramco’s Well Program.

30. Plug and Abandon Offshore Wells

Provide sub-sea well abandonment services including removal of completion or production string and downhole equipment, casing scraping and wellbore and BOP cleanup, plugging and isolation of open hole, perforations, casing stubs and annual space. Placement of fluid between plugs and placement of surface plug. Recovery of well head and sub-sea hardware.

31. Preparation of Well Sites and Access Roads

Construction and repair of access roads, skid roads, supply roads, camp sites, well sites, and air strips. Perform sand stabilization services and miscellaneous civil construction and maintenance.

32. Provide and Maintain Vertical Turbine Pump (VTP) Systems

Provide Vertical Turbine Pumps (VTP) with deep pump setting systems including supervision, labor, tools and equipment for installation, maintenance and retrieval of these systems.

33. Rental of Downhole Equipment

Provide, maintain and service drilling tools including Shock Subs, Hydraulic and Mechanical Drilling Jars, Fishing Jars, Intensifiers, and Bit Gauge Subs.

34. Rig Dollies Tires Repair Services

Provide all manpower, supplies, tools, equipment, and transportation required to perform tire repair services for rig dollies including the removal and installation of tires for all Saudi Aramco owned onshore drilling rigs at Saudi Aramco sites, and/or contractors shop.

35. Rig Technical Services

Provide qualified rig technical personnel for Drilling & Work Over Division, including Senior Driller, Assistant Driller, Rig Mechanic, Rig Electrician, Derrick Man, Barge Engineer, Crane Operator, Rig Liaisonman, Rig Superintendents, Petroleum Engineer, Rigger, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Coordinator, Program Development & Evaluation Analyst, Well Control Expert, Tool Pusher, and Rig Technical Coordinator.

36. Rig and Camp Move Services

Provide all labor equipment and tools to move Saudi Aramco Rig and/or Camps between various locations within Kingdom. Rig moves include Rig Base, Masts, Generator or Powerhouse, Pumps, Mud Tanks, and miscellaneous equipment and materials. Camp moves include skid or trailer mounted facilities such as office, dining and sleeping units.

37. Rig Inspection & Acceptance Services

Provide Drilling Rig inspection and acceptance services per Saudi Aramco requirements and to applicable industry standards and government regulations.

38. Stabilizers and Mills Repair Services

Provide facilities, labor, equipment and materials for hard-facing mills, hole openers, roller reamers, integrated blade and sleeve stabilizers, redress mills and impression blocks in a manner acceptable to Saudi Aramco.

39. Solids Control/Barite Recovery Services

Mud cleaning services to recover barite by removing ultra-fine and colloidal size drilled solids larger than barite to effectively control weighted drilling fluid solid content. Prevent differential pressure sticking, adhesion stuck drill accident, reduce the drill string and the filter cake thickness on bond issues

40. Supply and Install HDPE Geomembrane

Provide all equipment, personnel and transportation of such personnel, instruments, tools, and equipment required to supply and install High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembrane lining into the drilling reserve pits to hold general drilling effluent such as waste water, chemicals, oily base water and mud, to achieve 0% permeability to avoid environmental hazards.

41. Slickline and Wireline Services

Provide slickline and wireline services including placement and recovery of wellbore equipment and tools, such as plugs, gauges and valves, wellbore cleaning, downhole sample collection, and fishing operations to recover stuck or lost tools.

42. Snubbing Services

Provide Snubbing Workover Services to conduct live well intervention operations on high temperature high pressure (HTHP) natural gas wells including but not limited to the provision of equipment, supplies, support facilities, field personnel, technical support personnel, and management for Snubbing Workover Services. Work includes working over, repairing, fishing, de-completing, completing, stimulating, and conducting well intervention operations.

43. Tubing & Casing Services (Tubular Running)

Complete tubing and casing tong make up, pipe pick up/lay down, pressure testing, and running/pulling of casing or tubing. Work includes power tong and thread protector services, stabbing service, pick-up/laydown “cable type” pipe handling service, connection computer analyzed make-up service, casing spider and elevator handling equipment, casing fill and circulate tool, dope application service, and API modified thread compound.

44. Turbo Drilling Services

Provide the necessary tools and equipment and one qualified senior turbo-drilling engineer required to operate the tools and equipment in order to perform turbo-drilling services.

45. Tubular Inspection Services

Provide all labor, material, tools and equipment necessary to perform field and in-shop inspection of oil field tubulars, drill pipe, drill collars, and drilling tools to API and DS1 standards. Types of inspection shall include, but not be limited to:
• Electromagnetic inspection
• Ultrasonic inspection
• Magnetic particle inspection
• Dimensional inspection
• Visual inspection

46. Waterline Services

Provide all required manpower, tools, and equipment to perform Waterline services including Waterline safeguarding, connecting, disconnecting, laying, covering and/or uncovering in Saudi Aramco onshore operational areas.

47. Well Bore Clean Up Services

Provide all personnel, engineered supervision, tools, equipment, and chemicals for cased and open hole well bore clean up services and provide filtration services as required.

48. Well Control Services

Provide all required personnel and equipment to perform emergency and non-emergency services for the Well Control Service at onshore and offshore well sites, provide rig surveys of well control equipment, and provide training and prevention services and special well control consulting.

49. Well Testing Services

Provide services for post completion well testing

50. Wellhead & Valve Repair Services

Provide supervision, manpower, tools and equipment to install, maintain and repair Saudi Aramco owned wellheads and valves.

51. Zero Oil/Gas Flaring Chemical Treatment Services

Provide supervision, experienced and qualified personnel, materials, and specialized chemicals, tools and equipment including Vacuum Trucks, Dynamic Cyclonic De-sanders, Wash Tanks, Ultrasonic Non-Intrusive Flow Meters, Injection Manifolds, Pumps, and Storage Tanks to perform zero oil/gas flaring chemical treatment services

52. Horizontal Drilling Services

Provide qualified personnel and equipment to perform horizontal drilling, directional and sidetrack drilling services and other related services at onshore and offshore locations within Saudi Aramco operating areas per Saudi Aramco's drilling program

53. Installing & Retrieving Submersible Pumps:

Services for installing and retrieving down hole turbine and submersible pumps for water wells, including assembly of pumps and ancillary equipment, and provision of all necessary tools, equipment, manpower and supervision.

54. Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) Services

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Services to reduce potential formation damage including Underbalanced Drilling (UBD)/Coil Tubing Drilling (CTD) services using a variety of techniques such as: Dry Air/ dusting, Mist, Foam, Stable foam, Airlift, and Aerated Mud.

55. Water Well Drilling

Provide all required manpower, tools, equipment and drilling rigs to perform water well drilling, workover and completion per Saudi Aramco written well program.