We value the services provided by our suppliers. This page hosts some of the resources we make available to support our suppliers.

Doing Business with Saudi Aramco

This booklet is intended to help build strong relationships between Saudi Aramco, vendors, manufacturers, and contractors, and to encourage the implementation of supply chain management best practices. The booklet provides an overview of Saudi Aramco’s efforts to help create long-term economic growth and diversification through its In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) Program. Finally, the booklet guides potential vendors, manufacturers, and contractors on how to join the Saudi Aramco supply chain.

Doing Business with Saudi Aramco


Material Suppliers Guide

This guide is for material suppliers including vendors and manufacturers. The terms and conditions of any purchase orders or procurement agreements between Saudi Aramco and suppliers shall supersede any understanding, implied or given here. This guide is provided to help suppliers to:

  • Register and manage their online relationship with Saudi Aramco
  • Obtain access to Saudi Aramco’s supplier systems
  • Use Saudi Aramco’s systems to conduct supply chain transactions
  • Understand supplier performance measures and outcomes

Material Suppliers Guide


Saudi Aramco Suppliers Safety Management System

Saudi Aramco has developed this safety manual to help suppliers achieve our national safety vision, 'to live each day injury and violation free, on and off the job'. The purpose of this manual is to define the Suppliers Safety Management System (SSMS) and help our suppliers to manage the safety of their facilities throughout the kingdom and to perform their daily activities with the best safety, health, and environmental standards while keeping them maintained to the highest levels.

This manual is intended to help suppliers develop their own SSMS. The safety manual is fully aligned with the principles underpinning the Saudi Aramco Safety Management System, and is based on international standards for health and safety management.

Suppliers Safety Management System


SAP Ariba Guide

This guide has been developed to provide suppliers with details on how to register, update their records, and the available interactions and support from the new Supplier Management system on the SAP Ariba network.

SAP Ariba Guide


Engineering Requirements for Technical and Quality Approval

This Engineering Requirements for Technical and Quality Approval (ERTQA) handbook has been developed to provide clear approval guidelines for new and existing local manufacturers of engineering commodities.

Engineering Requirements for Technical and Quality Approval


Safety Resources

Safety is a corporate value at Saudi Aramco that we expect our suppliers to share. The safety material below is provided as a resource to help support our suppliers.

Please note that the material is password protected and the password has been made available to all registered service suppliers.

Construction Safety Manual (full version) (PDF, 33.3MB)

Saudi Aramco Safety Handbook (PDF, 994KB)


Contractor Workforce Qualification Assurance Program (CWQAP) resources

As part of Saudi Aramco’s Contractor Workforce Qualification Assurance Program (CWQAP), the contractor’s technicians are required to be evaluated and provided proof of qualification by a Saudi Aramco authorized third party training institute. To help support contractor’s compliance with this program, the below material is provided as a resource and learning aid for registered contractor’s technicians.

Please note that the material is password protected and the password has been made available to all registered contractors.

Electrical Contractor Training Manual (PDF, 24MB)

HVAC Contractor Training Manual (PDF, 15MB)

Metal Contractor Training Manual (PDF, 41MB)

PCST Contractor Training Manual (PDF, 28MB)

Machinist Contractor Training Manual: 

part-1 (PDF, 38.5MB)

part-2 (PDF, 37.6MB)

part-3 (PDF, 37.1MB)


Supplier Code of Conduct

To learn more about our Supplier Code of Conduct, please download below.

Supplier Code of Conduct


Saudization – guide for contractor companies

In support of the corporate value of citizenship, and in line with the strategic direction and imperatives, we are actively encouraging the Saudization of our contractors’ manpower.

Information contained in this guide provides a framework for human resources administration within the contractor company and is offered primarily as a guide. Concerned contractors may tailor it to suit their own operations. The guidelines enable the contractor company’s management and employees to fulfill their duties and responsibilities effectively by providing guidance for decision making.

This guide includes the following sections:

  • Saudization Planning
  • Sample Human Resources Guidelines — to assist contractor companies in attracting, employing, developing, and retaining qualified Saudi employees.
  • Saudization Support Resources — partial listing of support services provided by government and private organizations to help defray and contain costs.

Saudization Guide for Contractors