Sales of materials and equipment — other than oil and petroleum-related products — are governed by our Materials Disposal & Sales Division.

They auction and sell off used and like-new materials, fixed assets and equipment, including: pipes, valves, drilling materials, marine vessels, trucks and more.

How goods are sold

Usually, goods are sold “as is, where is” without any warranty or guarantee as to merchantability or fitness for any purposes. As a buyer, you are allowed to inspect the goods to satisfy yourself of the descriptions and quantity.
Sales occur in various ways, such as public auctions and public sealed bid sales.

Our rules for bidders

Bidders shall at all times comply with, and ensure that its employees, agents and subcontractors comply with, all Saudi Aramco rules and regulations.

  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Standards
  • Behavior and etiquette

Disclaimer: Goods are sold “as is, where is” without any warranty or guarantee as to merchantability, description, quality, condition or fitness for any purpose, not is there any other warranty, expressed or implied, except that seller has good title and the right to sell.

To be notified about planned sales events, please email us with your mobile number and the types of materials/commodities you are interested in. 

Invitation to bid for materials on Saudi Aramco through Sealed bid sale No. 700040

Saudi Aramco offers used materials for sale through a sealed bid sale such as steel pipes, diamond rock bits, cooling units, generators, pumps, control systems, IT servers, furniture, nuts, portables, electrical items, etc.

At the following locations: ‘Uthmaniyah Storehouse, Dhahran Auction Yard, Shedgum Reclamation Yard, Yanbu’ Reclamation Yard, Ju’aymah Reclamation Yard, and Baggah (DPC-280) Material Disposal Yard.


Copies of the bid package and bid instructions of Sealed Bid Sale No. 700040 are available by scanning the below QR code:

For any inquiries, please contact the Sales Unit at the following email:


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For more information on materials sales (other than sales of oil and petroleum related products):

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