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Manifa: a triumph of engineering, nature, and human spirit

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There are many reasons why the Manifa oil field project is extraordinary. Perhaps more than any of our other mega-projects, it demonstrates what can be achieved when we apply our creativity, determination, and engineering prowess to delivering solutions to the seemingly impossible.

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Saudi Aramco hosts National Oilwell Varco (NOV) board members in Dhahran

Visit by NOV Board of Directors led by Chairman and CEO Clay Williams coincides with milestone joint venture with Saudi Aramco, reinforcing long standing relationship with one of the world’s leading provider of technology, equipment, and services to the oil and gas industry.

Working to envision a nonmetallic future

Theme of first non-metallic symposium “Endless Possibilities by Chemical Integration” , serving as a platform for industry majors to exchange ideas on future nonmetallic business opportunities and showcase their development work.

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we manage the Kingdom's proved reserves of 332.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent


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Annual Review 2017: Unmatched Opportunity