Driving forces in sustainability

F1 and Aramco

Engineering excellence and technology innovation is in our DNA. This is why we have chosen Formula 1® for our first global sponsorship; a sport that uses the power of engineering and technology to capture the imagination of hundreds of millions of fans each year.

By sharing our expertise and innovations, we can make a real impact in bringing significant emissions reductions to the automotive sector.

Engineering excellence is in our DNA, which is why our first global sponsorship is with Formula 1 — a sport synonymous with engineering excellence and innovation, and which has long been at the forefront of cutting-edge transport innovation.

Engineering the future

Aramco and F1 share a common vision; a future in which vehicles are more efficient, global transport emissions are lower, and communities continue to benefit from the opportunities that the power of energy can bring.

This sponsorship will enable us to combine our considerable shared expertise to identify opportunities for the advancement of sustainable fuels, enhanced engine efficiencies, and emerging mobility and fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies.

Fueling sustainability

The connection between the leading global integrated energy and chemicals company and the premier motorsports platform may seem obvious, but this sponsorship will go beyond the traditional synergies; it will bring two industry leaders together to drive new innovations and energy efficiencies to address the global emissions challenge.

F1 has developed transport technologies that reduce emissions and enhance safety, benefitting hundreds of millions of cars on the road today. We are addressing new types of challenges such as advanced fuels, nonmetallic materials integration, and mobile carbon capture technologies.

Our goal is to develop engines and fuels that produce lower levels of emissions while still delivering high performance and efficiency – twin goals that help address the global mobility and climate challenge.